CLAY1732-Edit-600x600RakAttach started out of necessity. Accessing the back of our cars when the racks were on was rough- rougher with them loaded! We were tired of taking racks on and off our cars because they always seemed to be in the way. Can you relate? We are curious. Could we make our bike rack be even better? Could we get the rack out of the way easily, even when it was fully loaded? Could we make something simple and strong? Would our design work with lots of racks and cargo carriers so it would be useful to lots of people?

In September 2013 the first RakAttach was made of 2x4s and plywood with metal conduit as the hinge pin. (Here’s a picture) It barely held the rack off the ground and needed three big clamps to keep it in the receiver of my Forester. The idea worked! The second version was an 80 pound beast made of 3-1/2” square tube! From that point forward, some 6 versions later (another picture); we have designed a swing arm adapter that is unique and very functional. We have moved from the paper to garage to production fabrication shop.CLAY1335-Edit-2-400x200

We build them in Utah because supporting local craftsmen is important! A crew of skilled fabricators builds our adapters from steel and components made in the USA. We continue to modify, redesign and rebuild our RakAttach swing adapters. We try to meet the needs of cyclists, campers, skiers and boarders, and moto-crossers. We know nothing is perfect.  We have a cool product that we use daily. We want you to use one too! We think the RakAttach is a simple and secure way to move your rack out of the way and get on with it.

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